Choosing plants and containers to fit a project is best done during the design phase. Here architects and interior designers can have full access to the huge range of different plants and containers available.

These can be chosen to work either with unique decors, with specific dimensions where made to measure containers may be required, or a feature plant that is needed to bring an area to life. Be it internal or external plants there is a plant to suit every light level, temperature and space, our expert designers have a huge knowledge of available products from around the world to help tailor specific items to suit any requirement.

Atriums and living gardens often require tall trees and mature plants to help bring an instant garden and visual, these plants can be sourced from growers throughout the world to help meet the demands of a designer. Although the visual of a plant is often the most important for an architect or interior designer, it is important that the correct plant is chosen for the specific light levels and temperatures of the space. This allows the plant not only to look good during the handover of the project but look good 5, 10 years on. Our designers have a depth of knowledge that can be used to make sure the plants are correct for the specific microclimate of each space.

Living walls and picture frames have become very sought after over the last couple of years. These help bring a contemporary fresh feel to an area, increase the air quality and offset the carbon footprint. New designs of walls and picture frames are constantly arriving onto the market, our designers can help show what is available.

Introducing plants and containers into a project has become essential to any scheme, helping to improve the office space for the staff, offer a backdrop to interior designs and clean the air. Using Lease a leaf to help choose the correct plants and containers means they will be a feature and thrive in their chosen location.